We Need Denise Derkacs On Our County Council


We all know that Los Alamos is a unique community.  U.S. News and World Report recently voted us the healthiest county in America. Recently, Kiplinger ranked us the number one small town with millionaire populations. Los Alamos has always been known as a highly educated community. Being healthy, wealthy and wise still leaves Los Alamos longing for a vibrant community of diverse housing, commercial sustainability for small businesses, and community services that support growth and preserve our quality of life.
That last sentence was paraphrased from Denise Derkacs’ campaign website (https://denise4countycouncil.com/).  Denise understands our needs and can make things happen. She is a no-nonsense individual who can and will make goals achievable.

How do I know that? I worked with Denise as my Chief of Staff at LANL, during my time as Group Leader, Division Leader, Associate Director, and until I retired as the Acquisition Manager for the University of California’s successful bid with Los Alamos National Security LLC for the LANL contract in 2006. 

Denise is low key, relentless and extremely organized.  She has an ethic that is beyond reproach.  If Denise is on our Council,  our county will not be spending money on slogans and needless studies that drain valuable time and resources.  She has the correct goals  (IMHO) and the tenacity to make them happen.  I strongly endorse Denise for Los Alamos County Council.

Richard Mah