Los Alamos County Council Votes To Rename Softball In Honor Of Hope Jaramillo

Hope Jaramillo


Los Alamos County Council members voted unanimously Tuesday evening to rename the Minors A Field at Overlook Sports Complex in White Rock “Hope Field” in honor of Hope Jaramillo, a beloved Los Alamos resident who passed away Jan. 29 following a long, courageous battle with cancer.

County public information officer Julie Habiger noted that a petition bearing hundreds of names was brought to the County Parks and Recreation Board in March by Robbie Harris asking for the renaming of the field.

“She was a local resident, dearly loved by many in that realm,” Habiger.

She noted that the petition was brought that request to Council and after the six months per code had passed, Council asked her to set up a naming committee, which convened Aug. 26. Habiger thanked Kyle Wheeler, David Jolley and Beth Cortright who were the citizens and business members on the naming committee per the code as well as Terry Priestley for the Parks & Recreation Board and Planning & Zoning Commission.

“We opened public comment for two weeks and then we had a public hearing on Sept. 15 on Zoom. We had well over 100 comments supporting the request. We didn’t have any negative comments. The naming committee at the hearing heard from members of the family and unanimously voted to recommend to Council that you approve this request,” Habiger said.

Councilor Antonio Maggiore said Hope Jaramillo was a wonderful figure in the community.

“She was well-loved by many as is clearly shown by the overwhelming public support. We don’t name anything after anyone without serious worth in this community and she has surely shown that. I am proud to support memorializing her legacy in this manner,” he said.

Chair Sara Scott said she appreciated the opportunity to honor the memory of Hope Jaramillo.

“It was really moving to me to read through the comments and see all Hope did to support the community, softball and our kids, and the comments were heart-felt and really moving,” Scott said.

Hope was a long-time resident of Los Alamos. She graduated from Los Alamos High School in 1987. She had a tremendous passion for softball and shared it with the many players she coached throughout the years. She was also a Girl Scout leader for several years. Hope’s attitude, strength and determination were an example to all who knew her and she will never be forgotten by her friends young and old.

She is survived by her husband, Joe Jaramillo, and three daughters, Taylor, Jordan and Terri.