Pajarito Mountain Ski Patrollers Practice Lift Evacuation Procedures

Patroller Dave Bowman ascends to rescue Patroller Wendi Ackerly. Photo by Jon Dempster

Ski patroller Jon Dempster ascends a rope as Patroller Mike O’Neill replaces his 130 foot self-evac rope carried in his patrol vest. Patrollers who are certified to self-evac and rescue others carry the ropes and other equipment in their vests. Photo by Malcolm Burns

Ski patroller Mike O’Neill ascends to the chair to prepare to be rescued during the training. Photo by Jon Dempster

Pajarito Mountain Ski Patrollers participate in advanced lift evacuation recertification Sept. 20. Photo by Jon Dempster

Wendi Ackerly, above, and David Bowman practice the advanced skills of ascending to a ski lift chair and self-evacuating from the chair Sept. 20 at Pajarito Mountain Ski Area. Photo by Eric Schaller