County Announces Bike To Wherever Days 2020


We’re celebrating Bike to Wherever Days 2020 Sept. 23 – 27. With so many people out bicycling and the need to keep everyone healthy and safe, Bike to Work Day 2020 is now Bike to Wherever Days.

We’re going to miss all of the typical Bike to Work pit stops, but we’re going to love all of the shared photos and stories about how you Bike to Wherever.

Share photos of your solo or family rides on social media using #LosAlamosBikeToWherever and share the joy biking brings you to win a raffle prize.  

Show us, show the world, show your neighbors the power of bicycling. By sharing your “reason to ride” on social media and encouraging friends and family across the country to go by bike, we can experience the joy of biking together even as we keep our distance.