County Launches Community Equity And Inclusion Survey


Los Alamos County has partnered with Polco, a division of the National Research Center (NRC) to conduct a Community Inclusion and Racial Equity Survey. The survey is based on questions developed by Polco after working nationwide with other municipalities and counties who are conducting similar surveys. The survey is available on-line at

The survey deadline is Friday, Oct. 9. Results will be shared with the community once available, and will be informational data that is part of upcoming Los Alamos County Council discussions about this important topic at a Council meeting in late October/early November. The purpose of the survey is to gather information from all residents in Los Alamos County to help identify strengths and challenges related to equity and inclusion.  

The survey asks many demographics questions in order to be sure the County hears from a diverse group of people and to understand differences in experience. All questions on the survey are entirely voluntary, but residents are asked provide this critical information so that the County can fully understand survey results. Answers are completely confidential and results will be reported in group form only. Polco will not share personal information with Los Alamos County.  

Because this is a nationwide survey already being conducted in many other cities and counties, comparative data from a national sample will be available from Polco.  

About NRC 

NRC is a leading research and evaluation firm specializing in community surveys for local governments. NRC is currently conducting the Citizen Survey in Los Alamos, using its National Community Survey instrument as a baseline, which for the first time will provide valuable benchmark data for performance against other communities.  

About Polco 

Polco was designed from inception by former public servants for organizations such as local governments, agencies, foundations, universities, nonprofits and more. After spending time at some of the country’s top tech companies, Polco was created to bring their skills in surveys and communication technology to the civic engagement process.