Vote For Denise Derkacs For County Council

Dear Editor:

I encourage Los Alamos voters to vote for Denise Derkacs for County Council.

I have known Denise for about 25 years; when we first met, we were on the same writing and editing team at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Denise is logical and analytical. The qualities that made her a technical writer–editor without parallel will serve her well on the Council. I know I won’t read or hear about Denise’s emotions or impulses informing her decisions; I know she uses logic, reason, and research to decide on the issues. She is one of the calmest, least dramatic people I know (“Denise! We’re at war with Japan again!” “Well, we’d better secure the vault, then move in an orderly way to the safety of the basement.”)

Denise is knowledgeable. Because she’s been attending Council meetings for the past two years, she already knows the ins and outs of Council workings. She will be ready to go at her first Council meeting. She researches the issues and anticipates the consequences of decisions. She doesn’t have a personal agenda and will work for the greater good of our County.

Denise is empathetic. I know from our work together at LANL that she has always listened with an open mind, and I know that she’ll will consider all input, sometimes opposing, from the public, County staff, County Councilors, and other individuals and agencies.

Denise supports independent businesses in Los Alamos. She was a good friend to Otowi Station Bookstore and Science Museum Shop during the seven years my partner and I owned it. I know that she will visit our indies and maintain open communication with business owners. She supports streamlining the building permitting process and the appeals process and making them more user friendly. And she’ll bring her incomparable writing and editing experience to bear on County forms and websites to make sure they are clear and consistent. She’ll work to implement a zoning change to help lower commercial rent, develop first-floor office restrictions, and establish mixed-use designations.

I know that Denise will do a splendid job on the Council. I’m going to vote for Denise Derkacs, and I encourage you to vote for her, too!

Peggy Durbin
Los Alamos