Support Rodney Roberson For Council


I support Rodney Roberson of White Rock for Los Alamos County Councilor.

Rodney brings unique experience.  He is a veteran of 20 years in the US Marine Corps, retiring as a Chief Warrant Officer.  As a fellow veteran, I know military service teaches how to build effective problem-solving teams with people of all backgrounds and opinions.  Service members often live in towns where a federal installation, like our national lab, is a major part of the local economy.  This background will be valuable for Rodney to help the Council resolve our Lab-community challenges.

Rodney’s more than 30 years of emergency management experience is also an asset for us in this pandemic.  He knows how to deal with emergencies: listen to the first responders, listen to the experts and scientists, and then take appropriate action.  He approaches problem solving with the same principles: engage all sides in an open and friendly way, gather the facts, and then work toward solutions for the common good.

Rodney Roberson will be an excellent Los Alamos County Councilor.

Pete Sheehey
Los Alamos County Councilor