NNSA Issues Categorical Exclusion For Intersection Improvements On NM 4 At East Jemez Road


The Department of Energy (DOE) National Nuclear Security Administration Los Alamos Field Office has issued a National Environmental Policy Act Categorical Exclusion (CX) for the modification and upgrade of the NM-4 and East Jemez Road intersection on Los Alamos National Laboratory lands owned by the DOE, within Santa Fe County, New Mexico.

The Proposed Action is to improve motor vehicle transportation safety and roadway capacity and efficiency. Once the intersection improvements are completed, the intersection and associated lands will be conveyed to Los Alamos County. An extra 50 feet right-of-way easement on the northwest side of NM-4 will be provided to the New Mexico Department of Transportation for the maintenance of the expanded NM-4 pavement, associated new road shoulders, and vegetation control along the roadway.

Additionally, the current and designated visitor access to the National Park Service Bandelier National Monument (BNM) Tsankawi Unit is within the NM-4 right-of-way on the east side just north of East Jemez Road on DOE lands. BNM has proposed improvements to the Tsankawi Unit that includes a new vehicular access point and parking lot. The intersection design has incorporated a new entry point onto BNM Tsankawi Unit property that would improve safety and the BNM visitor experience.

The CX can be accessed at https://www.energy.gov/nepa/downloads/cx-270544-categorical-exclusion-new-mexico-state-road-4-nm-4-and-east-jemez-road