Response To Sunday’s Incident At Ashley Pond

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With regard to the alleged violence on Sunday, Aug. 30 against pro-Trump demonstrators at a Black Lives Matter protest at Ashley Pond, the Los Alamos Racial Justice Action Advisory Council (RJAAC) wishes to state as follows:

While the RJAAC did not organize the BLM event, two of our members spoke at the event, and one member was involved in helping the event’s organizer.

We want to address the alleged violence perpetrated by an attendee at the BLM protest against people who were involved with the pro-Trump demonstration.

The RJAAC condemns violence, and in this case we must state that we think it impossible to effectively advocate for human rights and justice while actively violating the rights of others who disagree with our aims.

The Los Alamos RJAAC does encourage active participation in protests, demonstrations, and in civic and political engagement. However, we condemn acts of violence, as our goal is to encourage a society that does not rely on violence to meet its goals.

It is important to understand that racial justice allies who want to participate in creating a more just world should not engage in aggressive violence, as their actions will further endanger the lives and freedoms of brown and Black citizens who are seeking equity in today’s society.

We can be contacted at:

Michael Adams
on behalf of the Los Alamos Racial Justice Action
Advisory Council