Rep. Chris Chandler Will Have My Enthusiastic Vote

Letter To The Editor_Pongratz Endorses Chris Chandler For House District 43 Seat (50)


Like many of us, I’ve spent more time at the Roundhouse these last four years than in all my prior decades in New Mexico combined. For some of that time I’ve had the opportunity to observe Representative Chris Chandler make an impressive running start since her 2018 election. I’ve watched her speak in committee and on the floor, and if she’s made any long-winded bombastic speeches — you know the ones I mean — I’ve missed them: all I’ve seen and heard are questions and responses that demonstrate her fully having done her homework, reading and understanding countless pages of complex bills, being able to find flaws and/or ways to improve them, ways to move forward. More importantly, I’ve watched her pay attention. Listen more than talk. I respect that in a person and more so in one carrying large responsibilities.

Chandler has introduced, co-sponsored, and voted for legislation that closely align with my values on matters of ethics, health, education, fiscal responsibility, and human rights. She has earned the trust I placed in her in 2018. When my absentee ballot arrives in a few weeks, she will have my enthusiastic vote.

Eduardo Santiago
Los Alamos