Three Los Alamos Students Turn Passion For Collecting Watches Into Thriving Business

cactusfinalPre-sales will begin Aug. 11 for a watch designed by three Los Alamos students. Courtesy photo

Hyalus Team Photo

Three Los Alamos students, Colin Hehlen, top left, Will McCumber, top right, and Michael McCumber are ready to pre-sell their first watches. Courtesy photo


Three Los Alamos students, Will McCumber , Michael McCumber and Colin Hehlen, have been working for the last year and a half to turn their passion of collecting watches into a thriving business. On August 11, they plan to go live with a Kickstarter pre-order campaign in order to fund their first product. In order to succeed in meeting the minimum order quantity they’re looking to pre-sell 250 units. 

The Hyalus Watches team has spent countless hours transforming a simple sketch into a tangible wristwatch. Throughout the process they’ve had to teach themselves everything about, starting, running, and owning a business. Co-Founder and Company Lead Will McCumber credits his early education in Los Alamos for teaching him the learning skills necessary to succeed.

“I don’t think I’d be where I am today without all of my teachers and the community that raised me. Los Alamos was a really unique place to grow up and I think being surrounded by curious minds and innovative ideas really primed me to seek out new skills and experiences,” Will McCumber said. “Whether or not we hit our funding goal (though I’m optimistic we will) this has been the experience of a lifetime and I feel incredibly lucky to have been prepared so thoroughly to learn for myself.”

Pricing for the watches will start at $230 for the first 20 pre-orders on Aug. 11. The next 100 will be $260 and after that orders will cost $300.

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About Hyalus Watches:
Originating in the mountainous highlands of Northern New Mexico, Hyalus Watches was founded by three enthusiasts. Their unparalleled passion for timekeeping, coupled with their affinity for exceptional design and manufacturing, sparked the creation of a strikingly revolutionary wristwatch: The Hyalus Altum.