UNM-LA, An Attractive Opportunity

KatieHerrmann-CYMKKatie Herrmann will attend UNM-LA this fall as a full-time student, with plans to transfer to UNM-Albuquerque in the future for the 3-2 MBA program through Anderson School of Management. Photo by Ryn Herrmann


Katie Herrmann, Los Alamos High School Class of 2020, had planned to attend The University of New Mexico (UNM) in Albuquerque this fall, beginning a 3-2 MBA program through Anderson School of Management. Due to the ever-changing distancing restrictions resulting from the COVID pandemic, Herrmann decided to begin her university studies locally at UNM-Los Alamos (UNM-LA).

“Although I was really excited to move to Albuquerque, when it became clear no one can predict what will happen, I was not completely comfortable about the idea of living in the dorms. When I contacted UNM-LA and talked with Kathryn Vigil (UNM-LA Director of Student Affairs), everything just seemed to fall into place.”

Herrmann is planning to major in International Studies and minor in Mass Media. Her first semester classes at UNM-LAinclude Composition, French I, Intro to Algebra 1 and 2, Ethics in Organizations, and Intro to Psychology. These classes are all relevant to her 3-2 MBA program, and she was very pleased to realize she will save money by studying at UNM-LA and transferring later to UNM.

Herrmann continued, “I was not looking forward to the Albuquerque weather, and I really love Los Alamos, so that is an extra bonus of studying at UNM-LA. Plus, since I’ll be at home, my dad can help me with the Algebra.”

As a student already enrolled at UNM-Albuquerque, Herrmann found the help of Vigil invaluable in coordinating the transitionto UNM-LA. “Kathryn answered all my questions and got everything done in 30 minutes. UNM is so big, I did not even know who to contact. As soon as I contacted UNM-LA, I knew Kathryn was really interested in helping me. She made everything so easy.”

In Los Alamos, Herrmann has been active in the community, organizing the Halloweekend Pet Costume for the past two years, and supporting the African Library project by collecting, packaging, and mailing books. “I do really love this community, “reflected Herrmann, “And I am happy to stay here for another year.”

Kathryn Vigil, Director of Student Affairs said, “Our advisors work with students to plan a schedule that fits within the requirements of their degree and transfer goals. We’re seeing students who intended to study at universities across the country but have made the decision to start at UNM-LA and benefit from our quality instruction and individualized support. Because our tuition is affordable, with financial aid and scholarshipsavailable, many students can attend with minimal out-of-pocket tuition cost.”

To learn more about attending classes at UNM-LA this fall, contact UNM-LA Student Services at 505-662-5919, or by email at unmlainfo@unm.edu.

UNM-Los Alamos is an innovative, rigorous, and affordable comprehensive branch community college that provides foundations for transfer, leading-edge career programs, and lifelong learning opportunities. More information about UNM-LA is available at losalamos.unm.edu.