Robinson Brothers Rescue Owl Trapped In Net At Bomber Field

116302949_337449767265733_3656183600577271657_nDr. Kathleen Ramsay holds a great horned owl rescued by James Robinson and Joey Robinson Saturday night at Bomber Field on North Mesa. Photo by James Robinson

116337259_380836726215028_4865379883245464645_nA great horned owl rescued Saturday evening in Los Alamos is now at an enclosure at Cottonwood Rehab Sunday morning. Photo by James Robinson


When reports appeared on social media Saturday of an owl stuck in a net at Bomber Field on North Mesa, brothers Los Alamos County Councilor James Robinson and LAPD Detective Joey rushed to the scene to help the bird.

It turns out the owl was entangled in the batting cage net so the Robinsons placed a towel over the bird’s head to calm it and took control of its feet which can really hurt someone trying to capture it. After the netting was cut and the owl was freed, it was placed in a special box carrier and James Robinson took it to his home where it slept overnight. He said the owl had some puncture wounds and appeared to have hurt one of its wings.

On Sunday morning, he took the owl to the Cottonwood Rehab on Shady Lane in Espanola where it was checked out by Dr. Kathleen Ramsay and will remain to rest for a few days. Robinson said a frozen rat was being thawed to feed the owl late Sunday.

Councilor Robinson thanked the folks who alerted to the owl’s plight on social media and others who turned up to help including Ariel Perraglio of the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish.