‘Kick COVID’ For All Toppers


Executive Director
Los Alamos Public Schools Foundation

Calling all LAHS Alumni!  Remember the Topper Fight song?  Fight, fight to win. May our victory begin!  We need all former Toppers to help our current and future Toppers in Los Alamos.  Normally going back to school doesn’t require a victory, but this year is going to be different.  Students in Los Alamos will begin the year with remote learning and hopefully return to the classroom as conditions with the pandemic become safer.  There are many unknowns with the return to school, but one thing is certain.  The changes in teaching and learning this year will require new resources.  The Los Alamos Public Schools Foundation is kicking off an urgent fundraising appeal to help Los Alamos Public Schools get students back to school for a successful year of learning in the Fall of 2020.  The Foundation has set a goal of raising $30,000 before the end of August. 

LAPS Foundation president Louise O’Brien said, “We commend the school board, the administration, and all of the teachers and staff who absolutely rose to the sudden challenge of delivering education at a distance this past spring. They did a great job, and now as they get ready to welcome students this fall, we want to make sure that the teachers, staff and students have all the resources they need.”  

The Foundation’s Alumni Fundraising Subcommittee will be doing focused outreach to alumni of Los Alamos schools, and in particular to the classes who had been planning reunions in Los Alamos this summer and fall, until COVID-19 forced cancellation of their in-person events.

LAPS Foundation board member Stephanie Archuleta (LAHS Class of 1989) said, “We will be reaching out to the alumni who would have been buying plane tickets and getting hotel rooms here in town for their reunions and asking if they would be willing to use the money they would have spent at the reunion and put some back into the schools to ensure the current students of Los Alamos schools get the education they deserve.”

The Foundation in summer 2019 challenged alumni to “Give back to the schools that gave you your start.” This year, LAPS Foundation continues this tradition, but focused on the near-term needs of the 2020 Return to the Classroom. The fundraiser will help provide resources for administrators, teachers and staff to be able to deliver education in this new manner, including:

  • Stipends for all LAPS teachers to become Level 1 and Level 2 Google Certified Educators
  • Instructional and classroom materials to meet changing needs for both in person and online learning (such as additional classroom book sets so students can have books at home)
  • Materials students can use at home during distance learning (such as manipulative kits for kindergartners to have at home)
  • Wellness needs of students and staff

The Foundation’s strategic plan calls for efforts to help ensure the highest quality education, as well as to ensure wellness. O’Brien added, “We’re striving to live up to all of our goals with this focused fundraising effort.”

Thank you, Topper alumni, for helping us “Kick COVID” and get kids into the classroom for a successful year of learning.  Go to the Foundation’s web site at www.lapsfoundation.com to donate now. 

About LAPS Foundation
The Los Alamos Public Schools Foundation is an independent nonprofit organization that helps the local community provide an extraordinary education for Los Alamos students. Los Alamos has given over $1.5 million to fund opportunities students and teachers would not have otherwise. To learn more about LAPS Foundation and how to get involved and/or make a donation, visit lapsfoundation.com or call 505.500.6501. Donations to LAPS Foundation, a 501(C)(3) organization, are tax-deductible.