Campaigning, Canvassing And Checking On Your Neighbor During COVID-19

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Candidate for State Representative
House District 43

About two weeks ago, my campaign started walking and knocking.  All of our volunteers, as well as myself, are doing this with masks and maintaining proper social distancing.  We have been told that the governor’s office currently permits this activity, and that it is not in violation of the current health order.

We have encountered an almost universal desire to speak about the issues from those whom we have visited, and for those who don’t, we attempt to leave campaign literature and depart, respecting everyone’s privacy and how they approach our current situation.  Keep in mind that freedom of speech applies not only to protesters, but also to those who are running for public office.  One is not more important, nor more essential, than the other.

As I mentioned above, there seems to be a great desire to speak and interact.  This is something that people have apparently missed during the closure.  People want to be heard, to hear the opinions of others, to discuss issues and things we all care about.  No red-faced yelling, condemnation, and telling others that they are wrong, but caring, rational dialogue.

With that in mind, please visit and call on your neighbors, especially those who are alone, who have lost jobs, who are struggling with relationships or addiction, or who have lost loved ones.  People are disenfranchised from their normal social structure, and it is hard to make new friends now.  People are hurting.  The shut down has been hard on everyone.  Unfortunately, New Mexico now has the highest suicide rate in the nation.  Let’s see if we can change that.  Reach out and check on one another, and spend time talking to one another.