Four Small Fire Starts Burning Within Quemazon/Pipeline Trail, Forest Service And LAFD Have Responded



Los Alamos Fire Department Chief Troy Hughes has announced that there are four small fire starts within the Quemazon/Pipeline Trail area on U.S. Forest Service land, and all are approximately an acre in size. Rain storms are quickly approaching this area. LAFD continues supporting the USFS in these operations. Two helicopters are dumping water on the fires.

Individuals are asked to stay clear of Quemazon Trail, Pipeline Trail and the Los Alamos Reservoir. The Quemazon Trail is CLOSED to hikers at the entrance at 48th Street and Trinity Drive. Pipeline Trail is CLOSED to hikers at its entrance on Quemazon Road. With helicopters busy taking water from Los Alamos Reservoir, LAFD asks that individuals avoid the reservoir for public safety.

Another update will be issued as soon as additional details are available. Winds in Los Alamos are light and rain storms are expected to build over the Valles Caldera National Preserve early this afternoon, bringing showers to these areas.