NMDGF: Fishing Southern New Mexico With Chevy Wyatt

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There are many great anglers that routinely contribute to the Department’s weekly Fishing Report. This week, we are fortunate to share with you some tips and tricks from one of the regulars who has a knack for catching fish in southern New Mexico. Chevy Wyatt and his parents, of Roswell, are an avid fishing family.

Chevy, age 12, loves fishing for just about anything that pulls on his fishing line. He dreams about fishing as many lakes and rivers as possible. There is little doubt that Chevy will not catch a fish wherever he goes. He is the kind of young man who can catch a fish in a mud puddle.

Here are a few of Chevy’s go-to fishing holes in southern New Mexico, and a few techniques he wants to share with his fellow anglers.

Tips from Chevy:

I pay close attention to the water for activity. Jumping minnows tell me that larger fish are in the area.

My favorite trout bait is salmon peach PowerBait with glitter. I also like to use small spinners for trout.

My favorite catfish bait is chicken breast. It stays on the hook the best, especially when I cast for the stars (long cast).

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I pay very close attention to my line once casted. A strong tug is a good bite. Small taps mean the fish might just be playing or investigating my bait. The line going slack means the fish is bringing the bait closer to me.

Fishing for bass, I like to try all types of lures including plastics, spinners and crawdad imitations. Using a Texas rigged Senko worm always does the job for me.

When you release a fish, always make sure to release it away from where you are fishing. You do not want to disturb the other fish that you have yet to catch.

I always make sure my fishing line is in good condition. I’ve lost big fish on weathered line. That won’t happen again…

Always remember to be patient. You will often get a hit when you’re least expecting it.

When hooked to a big fish, loosen your drag and tire them out. Never rush a big fish.