New Mexicans For Money Out Of Politics Changes Name, Launches As New Mexico Chapter of RepresentUS

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New Mexicans for Money Out of Politics has joined forces with the national organization RepresentUs to further expand its efforts to fight corruption in elections and government at the federal, state and local level

On July 7 at 5:30pm, RUNM will host its first official event in the form of a Zoom Launch Party. The lineup of speakers is still being developed but so far it includes Senator Tom Udall, Santa Fe Mayor Alan Webber and leadership of RUNM. Details about the launch, how to register and join in will be made available at and on the NMMOP and RUNM Facebook pages.

NMMOP was founded in 2016 by Bruce Berlin and others to engage in education, advocacy and activism for democracy reform. It was later incorporated as a New Mexico nonprofit on November 17, 2017. It officially changed its name to RUNM in April 2020. Since its inception, the volunteer organization has been working to restore truly representative democracy in New Mexico and the USA. 

Over the past four years NMMOP, now RUNM, has been making waves, raising awareness and working towards ending the corruptive influence of Big Money and Dark Money through a variety of nonpartisan efforts. In addition to forming coalitions and alliances with other aligned non-profits, it worked, with others, to get New Mexico state legislators to pass HJM 10, a statement supporting an amendment to the U.S. Constitution to reform campaign finance, making New Mexico the 20th state to do so. It has worked with New Mexico cities, towns and counties to pass similar resolutions.

RUNM has also worked with New Mexico’s congressional delegation, state legislators and city and county officials on its democracy reform goals which include: reestablishing the right and authority of government to regulate campaign finance contributions and expenditures, increasing voters’ rights and protections, increasing campaign finance and lobbyist reporting, expanding public campaign finance regimes and ending gerrymandering. 

“Joining forces with RepresentUs, a well-established organization with a national presence and influence, will help us achieve greater results from our efforts,” said John House, RUNM President.