Los Alamos Animal Shelter Art Competition Features 20 Entries, Community Can Choose Favorites On Facebook

104287466_3280237755342776_5399904142256387598_nAges 14 and Up: Waffles by Claudia, Age 16

103838483_3279566352076583_6731777824706242242_n (1)Ages up to 5: Origami pups by Lucas, age 5

103684873_3279514705415081_8580686675584282249_nAges up to 5 : A bird, a puppy and a goldfish by Abigail, 5. 

104152027_3279561865410365_2902283646161066742_nAges 14 and Up: Harley and Zeus by Jakobe, Age 18

103828495_3279559135410638_1385023297361747847_nAges 10-13: Jillyboo and Toby by Jacob, age 11

103373132_3279551958744689_4165070770320195103_nAges 10-13: Cat on a fence looking at the moon, Trixie, age 10

103123157_3279557185410833_7148300754718927001_nAges 10-13: Pets on a sunny day by Zoe, age 10

104496508_3279554715411080_267703305445972165_nAges 10-13: Cat over stream by Amelia, age 10

103765033_3279547612078457_4416872832615388026_nAges 6-9: My cat Hades by Hailee, age 9

103073203_3279526138747271_1974027056563557211_nAges 6-9: The cat Smokey by Daisy, age 7

103157691_3279523952080823_5207485644201614785_nAges 6-9: Ginger husky by Amelia, age 8

104549666_3279549212078297_8178308942992188036_nAges 6-9: Toby and Jilly by Emma, age 9

103432543_3279545452078673_7443924883427780682_nAges 6-9: A cat and a bird on a tree by Blake, age 8

103623512_3279534995413052_7598166741213632480_nAges 6-9: Lucky cat Lucky by Rosa, age 7\

104853205_3279541665412385_6719068874380886045_nAges 6-9: Zuma the chocolate lab by Bailey, age 9


103529431_3279533015413250_8115087926468383929_nAges 6-9: A mouse by Laura, age 7

105029454_3279528435413708_7457155870327788702_nAges 6-9: Kerivoula picta bat by Evelyn, age 6

104605720_3279538432079375_4125431210029768995_nAges 6-9: Max the beagle and my favorite bulldog by Esmae, age 9

104147463_3279543528745532_3364601719026279977_nAges 6-9: My name is Jeff by Cadence, age 9


There were 19 entries in the Los Alamos Animal Shelter art competition. The community now gets to vote for their favorites on the Los Alamos Animal Shelter Facebook page. Just look in the photo albums on that page prior to July 1, find your favorites and “like” or “love” them.

The Los Alamos Reporter loved all the entries and decided to publish them here so that those who are not on social media could also enjoy them.

Congratulations to all these young artists.