With Gratitude From Family Strengths Network

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Executive Director
Family Strengths Network

We wish to express our gratitude for the outpouring of support for Family Strengths Network (FSN). To the many community members and organizations that have spoken on behalf of FSN– thank you! Your public comment, conversations and letters to County Councilors, and sharing of personal FSN experiences has uplifted us all.

We know that speaking out takes time and effort, and your efforts mean the world to us and have had a positive impact on your community. The actions you have taken demonstrated to our County Council how important FSN is and that it plays an integral part in the community.

Your voices have been heard! Now, the County Council has a difficult task ahead of them to work toward a satisfactory solution. They must meet the needs and desires of the citizens of Los Alamos and maintain good stewardship of County assets, while adhering to legal and protocol constraints.

We also wish to thank the County Council for recognizing the importance of FSN in our community.

While we acknowledge the complexity of this task, we are confident that County Council will come to a fair and beneficial plan to ensure the Family Resource Center model remains secure in Los Alamos. Council Members understand that this is a time-sensitive matter, and they are working hard to come to a quick resolution.

Please stay tuned to FSN’s Facebook page and website for further updates.

Again, thank you for all of your tremendous support!

Family Strengths Network
Board of Directors and Staff