Garimella Family: Open Thank You Letter

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Dear Superintendent Steinhaus, Principal Payne, Assistant Principal Dunwoody and the entire LAHS staff

I am writing to express our family’s appreciation for the amazing graduation that you (and the entire LAPS system) gave the class of 2020. Three days of standing hour after hour, greeting every graduate personally and announcing their graduation was a heroic task that must have exhausted everyone involved. Then you came back for one last graduation ceremony for Ms. Hermann who missed her graduation because of an escape by her dog. As if that were not enough, you then threw the most magnificent parade that graduates could have ever hoped for and one that rivalled or even far surpassed a traditional graduation ceremony in pomp and cheer. Wow!

Besides the graduation ceremony itself, everyone in the school went above and beyond in all that they did for the students after the school shutdown and restored a semblance of normalcy to the pupils lives, keeping them engaged and connected to their friends. I know that besides the high school, all of the other schools did something special for their students – I was a personal witness to a cheerful and boisterous caravan of a large number of cars for Barranca students escorted by our excellent LAPD!

We are writing this letter in a public forum to make sure that all of the LAPS staff from elementary schools to the high school see it. So here it is.

Thank you for being awesome day after day and for being more than awesome in this unique year. This is one heck of a school district and we are proud to support it.


The Garimella Family