LAPS Announces Second Annual Summer Challenge



For the second summer in a row, Los Alamos Public Schools invites you to get out, get active and keep learning by participating in the LAPS Summer Challenge. This challenge is meant to help school-aged children and their families take advantage of all that our community has to offer. There’s even a chance to win a prize!

Although summer activities will look different this year and many local organizations are still closed, we encourage participants to stay active and follow current safety guidelines while outdoors.  

Here’s how it works: 


  • Download the official LAPS Summer Challenge Card from our website ( or pick up a copy at the LAPS Administration Building (2075 Trinity Dr.). 
  • Visit or complete 6 or more locations or activities listed on the card. 
  • Either ask a volunteer or staff member at each location to confirm your attendance by marking the space on your card or use the honor system to mark your own card.  


Turn in your Summer Challenge Card at the LAPS Administration Building by Friday, August 28th and receive a prize at the beginning of the school year. Be sure to list the participant’s name and school so we know where to send the prize. 

or questions, please contact the LAPS Communications Team at