Cottonwood Rehab Offers Advice On Mother Bear And Three Cubs Being Spotted In Los Alamos

101960067_3008134312603908_3093289678235045340_oDr. Kathleen Ramsay of Cottonwood Rehab says she has been hearing a lot of rumors that people want New Mexico Game & Fish officials to move a mother bear and her three incredible babies from Los Alamos. She says Springer, the bear in this photo, was bitten by another bear and is lucky to be alive. Half of her pelvis was severely infected. Sandia, the bear in the second photo is an orphan and was found starving to death. Anywhere a bear is moved to is another bear’s territory. The mother will attempt to go back to hers and may have to cross highways, etc. – all spelling disaster for her and her cubs. It only takes removing all food sources for her to move on to find others. ‘Please save these bears and bring in bird feeders, don’t feed your dogs outside, don’t put your trash out until the morning of pickup. Her life and that of her cubs is in our hands,’ Ramsay said. Courtesy photo


Sandia is an orphan and was found starving to death. Courtesy photo