LAPS Parents Nominated For Above And Beyond Recognition



What do you do when teaching and learning move from the classroom to home?  

At the beginning of the school year no one expected the changes that were coming, certainly not parents.  However, they stepped up and adjusted, helping students make the best of our situation and extending help with online classrooms and assignments so that learning did not come to a halt.

Los Alamos Public Schools offers sincerest thanks to ALL the parents of our students during this year that we will never forget.  Your support, flexibility and patience helped all of us get through the last many weeks.

This year LAPS is adding another very important category to its usual end of the year recognitions—Parents who have gone Above and Beyond to help their children with online learning.  Eighty-five parents were nominated by LAPS teachers for Above and Beyond recognition, along with one amazing older sister!  Teachers had many wonderful things to say about how parents have helped:

  • This mom . . . sends me videos of her son reading, frequent pictures, asks questions when she is confused and sends teachers encouragement along the way. I wish I could clone her.
  • Always available to her student while juggling two others. Very encouraging and positive even under the most challenging circumstances!
  • Their student has made giant gains in life skills and daily activities along with some academics. Parents like them make the special education department well worth the work! 

For all parents nominated, Los Alamos Public Schools Foundation, through generous donations from our community, will provide a baker’s dozen bagels at Ruby K’s Café.  A drawing will also be held for 10 of the parent nominees to receive $30 in Chamber Checks to spend at our local businesses. 

Congratulations to those nominated by LAPS staff for going Above and Beyond: 

Angela and Jacob Aldersebaes, Emily Allen, Crystal Banks, Deepika Benjanam, Katie Belobradjik, Esther Brunette, Emily Carr, Michelle Carr, Min Chen, Clarissa Cisneros, Natanya Civjan, Valerie Cody, Lauren Coupland, Crystal Banks, Megan Cunningham, Jonathan Deming, Denise Duran, Jessie Dixon, Kara Dolence, Tara Downing-Olsen, Sarah Downs, Abbey Durham, Amelia Epperson, Cecilia Ericson, Lisa Euler, Stephanie Farley, Stefani Fichtel, Elizabeth Fisher, Donica Fortin, Fran Gelfand, Stephanie Griego, Val and Kimmie Gunn, Diana Hall, Sarah Hernandez, Georgiana Howard, Matthew and Heather Johns, Trey and Tammie Jones, Lana Kelsey, DJ Kliesen, Juanita Lopez, Liana Lovato, Ian and Davina Maes, Janey Malcom, Angela Martinez, Karen Morris, Lynn Murrell, Katie Mussack, Beatrice and Mark Myatt, Aimee Neu, Nicole Nichols, Kristen Nichols, Veronica Per Magnelind, Annette Preston, Marquita Purdy, Teresa Ritter, Christian Rittner, Lacey Roberts, Janelle and Alfredo Rodriguez, Kat Romero, Monique Romero, Sven Rudin, Tamara Safarik, Heather and Nolan Sanchez, Lauren Sandoval, Shannan Schnedler, John and Kimberly Scott, Jennifer Siranosian, Taryn Stetter, Jaclyn and Andrew Sutton, Veronica Talamantes, Maria Valdez, Elizabeth Vigil, Valerie Waterbury, Jenn White, Bridget Wilson, Elizabeth Wolfram

Thank you for supporting your students and helping our teachers!

About LAPS Foundation
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