Final Awards Announced In LAPS Superintendent’s Project Challenge

Inspirational chalk art by the Hanson family. Photo Courtesy LSPSF


The final round of the Superintendent’s Project Challenge is over as the school semester comes to an end.  Fifty-two entries were received for Round 4 bringing the total number of entries for the entire contest to 225.  The enthusiasm, imagination and innovation generated by the contest far exceeded expectations, creating a bright spot during challenging times for students this semester.  Los Alamos Public Schools Foundation awarded a total of $6900 in prizes for the projects.  As an independent, non-profit organization, LAPS Foundation uses our community’s generous donations to improve public education in Los Alamos and provide more funding for our school district.

Congratulations to the winners in Round 4:

Category 1 (K, 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades)

  • Aspen Olsen “Feelin’ Blue Piano
  • Evelyn Fobes “The Corona Virus Pandemic Time Capsule”
  • Kavya Reiten “Ghoomar Dance and Puppet Show”

Category 2 (4th, 5th and 6th grades)

  • Anna Simakov “My Cat Loki (A Musical Composition)”
  • Ellie Rosette “Cooking with Ellie”
  • Liberty Hanks “Original Ukulele Song”
  • Tate Plohr “Drawing Native American Patterns in Python”

Category 3 (Middle School)

  • Annabelle Rosette “Coronavirus vs. the MOTH INVASION”
  • Deeanna Foster “Christina Perri’s song, ‘Arms’”
  • Hana Raby “Spread the Word to the Top of the Mountain”
  • Jane Mocko “Original Composition-‘Spring is Here’”
  • Lena Ronning “Travel Brochures”
  • Wendy Sheppard “Awesome Icon”

Category 4 (High School)

  • Charles Shelby “Somewhere High”
  • Elektra Caffrey “Road of Resilience”
  • Elise Ovaska “Family Celebrations COVID-19 Ukulele Style”
  • Leah Mountain “Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Awareness”

Category 5 (Group)

  • Southwest Nordic Ski Club Kids Team “Team Video”
  • Braeden and Brecken Hanson “Inspirational Chalk Art”

.Several additional categories for awards are included in our final round of the Superintendent’s Project Challenge.  

Photography Awards, made possible by a donation from Jessica Booton Photography LLC, went to Ean Nickols “Tuning Your Surroundings”, Rainy Ferrell “Photo Collage”, Lauran Norman “ Western Tanager” and Laura Hill “A Day in the Park”.  

The following students received Art Awards: Emilia Bonser “Origami Flowers”, Leland Parker “A Simple Winter”, Rainy Ferrell “Before and After of a Jewelry Box”, Samuel Carmer “The Face of COVID-19”, Savannah Morgan “Hope in Darkness”, Nina Nzekwe “The Woods”, Jennie Gao “Bad Posture and Google Classroom Notifications”, Keira Wisdom “Blind Love”, Rachel Christensen “Justin the Chicken”, Cassandra Storms “Paint by Diamond” and Kari Mason “Original Cityscape Painting”. 

Honorable Mention Awards in all categories include:

  • Isaac Light “This Moment In Time”
  • Nicholas Loychik “Mr. Nicholas’ School”
  • Arwen Moore “How To Make Blueberry Crumble Muffins”
  • Oceanna Li “We Are All Together – Let Us Dance While Stay At Home”
  • David Sanders “Tracking of Covid-19 Cases in New Mexico”
  • Noah Bane “North Beaches, Florida international airport Replica”
  • Anna Simakov “Historic Speech by Susan B. Anthony”
  • Aven Heavner “All about Solenodons”
  • Matthew Voight “Joseph Stalin Report”
  • Rosario Dodd “‘It’s A Small World’ Cover on Flute”
  • Tirryn Sutherland “A Day in the Life of a Quaran-teen”
  • Allison Peterson “Tango Para Ilaria Cello Solo by Carter Brey”
  • Alexandra Dolin “Dancing the Seniors Away”
  • Karin Ebey “Modeling The Effects Of Variations In Rainfall On Aquatic Species In Alligator Holes”
  • Madelyn Crotzer “Learning from Home”
  • Diego, Nylie, Michael Cardon “American Ninja Warrior Course”
  • Sonja and Karin Ebey “Let’s Write Letters”
  • Aspen’s Odyssey of the Mind Club Competition
  • Sarah and Madelyn Crotzer “Building a Fan from a Homemade DC Motor”
  • Jack Sorenson and Wendy Sheppard “Salamander Project”
  • Tirryn Sutherland and Estella Remillieux “Living A Healthier Life”
  • Andrew and Isabella Manzanares “Vivir”

The Most Improved Award goes to Linus Plohr for “Brahms Waltz on Violin”.

Lexi Alcala won the Poetry Award for “A Desert Sestina”.

Two COVID-19 Mask Awards go to Brandon Keller and Campbell Washnok.

Robyn Scully won the Senior 2020 Award for the number, variety and creativity of all the projects she submitted as a senior in high school.

Finally, the Judges’ Choice Award is for Evelyn Fobes whose many wonderful projects were an inspiration to the judging committee.

Thank you to LAPS teachers for encouraging your students to participate in the Superintendent’s Project Challenge. Thank you to all the students who worked hard creating your wonderful projects.  You are both amazing and resilient!

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