Letter To The Editor_Pongratz Endorses Chris Chandler For House District 43 Seat (20)


To say that I am outraged by County Councilor Sara Scott’s proposal to turn to scenic canyons south of White Rock for developable land is an understatement.

How about, first, council leadership—so far, totally lacking—to put the land we already have to the highest and best uses?  Why turn to the canyons in a town rife with vacant lots (and eyesores), unoccupied buildings, a faltering downtown, struggling businesses, and land, when developed, mostly developed to mediocre standards?

How about ending the absurdity of low-density, piecemeal, poorly planned developments—the norm for decades despite our urgent need for high-density housing—and, for once, replace our amateurish approach by hiring—as most towns do—national-level urban planners to work with us to craft blueprints for the best and highest uses of our existing lands?

How about huge areas of county land near Overlook Park in White Rock, piecemeal this and thats, no cohesion, county-created sprawl, unimaginative uses of this tract or that, when what was needed—what is still needed—is high-density apartments, condominiums and townhouses in a planned-unit development built to the highest aesthetic standards and integrated, creatively, with existing—though perhaps updated—uses like ball parks, trails and utility areas?

There’s the new development on S.R. 4, in my opinion, nothing to be proud of and absolutely NOT the best use of a priceless, irreplaceable tract.  What we needed was high density housing—LOTS of high-density housing—multi-story apartments, condos in a people-friendly, attractive planned-unit development designed to the highest aesthetic and architectural standards—all in a location, but for opportunities missed, where it could have become a “community within a community” and happened without negative impacts to White Rock.

But Scott’s answer?  Let’s muck up our pristine canyons while problems on existing lands go unresolved. Outrageous!

Kathleene Parker
White Rock