Stand To Confront Hatred In Campaign

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Over the past 35 years I have lived in Santa Fe, Alcalde, Los Alamos and Velarde. The 3rd Congressional District is my home. I’ve raised my family here, had the good fortune to work at LANL and been elected to the Los Alamos School Board.

As a parent, an engineer, now a small farmer growing grapes, and a parciante on Acequia del Ancon, I have a deep interest for strong representation in Congress. My concerns focus on acequias, local community support, education, healthy environment and healthcare.

Northern New Mexico is a beautiful tri-cultural mix of Pueblo, Spanish, and Anglo heritages. We disagree at times but – when we are at our best – do work through issues in a self and other respectful ways. In the spirit of this cultural mix we share respect in getting along, regardless of differing opinions.

This brings me to the reason to write this letter.

The vicious attack ads against Valerie Plame are bred in hatred and violence. It is of grave concern and outrageous that not every candidate in this race has openly condemned these attacks.

What are we modeling for our children? As every parent learns, children are ever watchful and will accept this bullying behavior if it’s not confronted. If you are not standing against the bully, you are standing with the bully. Consider who these ads are benefiting and if those folks are not condemning the ads we have a serious problem.

Language and actions of hatred and violence are too common among our political leaders today. We can put an end to this behavior by standing together and using our vote to elect leaders who look for solutions, not viciously attach opponents.

I am fully supporting Valerie Plame. We need someone who is strong, courageous and smart to represent us in Washington.

Bill Hargraves
Los Alamos