Bandelier Beavers Have Been Busy


A Bandelier beaver checks out the camera. Photo Courtesy NPS


Beavers have been moving branches around at Bandelier National Monument. Photo Courtesy NPS

99346154_10158125834120155_4668223705191546880_oA dam built by beavers at Bandelier National Monument. Photo Courtesy NPS

97941313_10158125839315155_6257004529720492032_oThe folks at Bandelier National Monument say the beavers have been busy this winter building multiple dams and establishing homes. Two more beaver have been introduced already this Spring and the park is expecting quite a few more.  Beavers are known as ecosystem engineers because of their ability to create entire habitats for all types of creatures including mammals, fish and plants. By building dams, beavers create much needed ponds that support species of all kinds. These dams also help slow stream flow, creating healthy riparian corridors. Just a couple of reasons Bandelier loves beavers. Photo Courtesy NPS