Animal Protection Voters Endorses State Representative Christine Chandler’s Reelection Campaign

chandler APV C2Rep. Christine Chandler, pictured here with her dog Sophie, has been endorsed by Animal Protection Voters. Courtesy photo


State Representative Christine Chandler (D) has received the endorsement of Animal Protection Voters (APV), New Mexico’s leading organization dedicated to reducing cruelty to animals.  

“Representative Christine Chandler is a champion for wildlife, animal welfare, and conservation. Our organization and our members across New Mexico are determined to support her reelection and her continued advocacy,” said Jessica Johnson, APV Chief Legislative Officer. “From banning coyote killing competitions to fighting to keep inhumane traps and poisons off of public lands, Representative Chandler has a strong record of support for pro-animal policy.” 

“I’m proud to stand with New Mexicans who believe that the wilderness deserves our respect and protection,” said Representative Chandler. “At the Roundhouse, I joined many dedicated advocates and lawmakers to pass legislation to improve the treatment of animals in New Mexico. It’s an issue that is important to me and to so many residents in our district. Our approach to animals and wildlife should be humane and it will take all of our continued advocacy to keep moving in the right direction.”

Representative Chandler actively championed the passage of SB 76, legislation that banned coyote killing competitions in the state. She is the co-sponsor of HB 366, the Wildlife Protection and Public Safety Act also known as “Roxy’s Law.” The legislation would end the use of dangerous traps and poisons on public land which have also become serious hazards to humans and their pets who enjoy public lands recreationally. Representative Chandler will continue to work with Animal Protection Voters, her colleagues in the House, and advocates around the state on the bill’s passage and to ensure that wildlife management is conducted in a humane and responsible manner. 

In addition to the organization’s endorsement, Representative Chandler was named an “Animal Protection Champion” in recognition of her leadership on wildlife and animal welfare issues in state government.