BabyNet Committee: Open Letter To Dr. Brenda Pereda


An Open Letter to Dr. Brenda Pereda:

Dear Dr. Pereda,

The BabyNet subcommittee of the Los Alamos County Health Council is writing this open letter to express our joy and excitement about the news that you have been offered the position of Obstetrician / Gynecologist at Los Alamos Medical Center. When you met with our group in March, we were all impressed with your breadth and depth of knowledge, your leadership skills and experience, and your commitment to robust, community centered health care for women. We also appreciated your dedication to learning about and honoring patients’ priorities and choices regarding types of care such as midwifery. Your passion for re-establishing LAMC’s Mother-Baby Unit (aka, labor &delivery) as a premier department and providing specialty health care for women of all ages is exactly what we need.  

While we are aware that you have other offers to consider, the BabyNet subcommittee urges you to come to Los Alamos. As you well know, the women and families of Los Alamos County as well as neighboring communities who come to Los Alamos for medical care have not had access to specialized women’s health care or maternity care for the past 6 months (other than the few Ob patients who had already established care here or patients who needed emergency care). Relying on locum tenens physicians and traveling nurses does not provide continuity of care and is an unsustainable model. We have every confidence in you and your strong administrative skills to rebuild the Women’s Health Clinic and the Mother-Baby Unit at LAMC. 

Since last summer, the BabyNet committee and other community leaders have been advocating for women’s health care at the Los Alamos Medical Center.  We finally have reason to be hopeful that the Labor and Delivery Unit and the Women’s Health Clinic will remain open and will flourish again. 

Dr. Pereda, we hope to welcome you to Los Alamos with open arms in the very near future!


Carie Fanning, Executive Director, Family Strengths Network, BabyNet Chair
Karen Brown, Doula, Ten Moons Collective
Kelley Baer, IBCLC, Pajarito Lactation
Ellen Ben-Naim, Program Manager, First Born Program of Los Alamos

On behalf of the  BabyNet Committee of the Los Alamos County Health Council