White Rock Parade Honors Vietnam Navy Veteran Roger Paglusch On 80th Birthday

IMG_0243Roger Paglusch and his wife Deborah watch vehicles drive by the home of their daughter Julie Walker and her family on Pruitt Avenue in White Rock Saturday. Photo by Aaron Walker

IMG_0230Participants in the 80th birthday parade Saturday to honor Roger Paglusch. Photo by Aaron Walker

IMG_0253Vehicles in Saturday’s parade to honor Roger Paglusch bore flags and balloons. Photo by Aaron Walker

IMG_0265Roger and Deborah Palusch watch the parade along with their daughter, Julie Walker, and her sons Daniel and Jacob seated to the right. Photo by Aaron Walker

IMG_0238Jacob Walker, 4, and Daniel Walker, 9, watch a parade of vehicles Saturday in honor of their grandfather, Roger Paglusch. Photo by Aaron Walker

IMG_0261Roger Paglusch and his wife Deborah wave to participants during Saturday’s parade in his honor. Photo by Aaron Walker

IMG_0222 (1)Los Alamos Police Department leads the parade Saturday in White Rock in honor of Vietnam Navy veteran Roger Paglusch. Paglusch retired from the Florissant Valley Police Department in St. Louis, Missouri in 2004 after serving as a police officer for 40 years. Saturday’s event was organized by American Legion Post 90 and the Elks Lodge. Photo by Aaron Walker