LAPD: Leash Ordinance Requires All Dogs Out in Public To Be On A Leash



With the current pandemic, more people are staying at home and not working. This creates the unique opportunity for many individuals to take their dogs on walks around town and out on trails, while others go out and exercise or conduct outdoor activities.

Due to this, the Los Alamos Police Department Animal Control has received a large increase in calls concerning dogs being off leash and being aggressive or invading towards other parties.   We would like to remind the public that Los Alamos County has a leash ordinance which requires any dog out in public to be on a leash.

There are some areas where a leash is not required, however, if the dog runs up to people, other dogs, horseback riders, cyclists, inappropriately chases wildlife, or will not consistently respond to its keeper immediately upon command, the dog must be leashed, even in voice and sight control areas, dog parks, or trails.

Areas where dog do not have to be leashed, but must be under voice and sight control include:

  • Designated dog parks
  • Designated voice and sight control areas
  • On trails, however they have to be leashed within 100 yards of trail heads and at parking areas.

Voice and sight control means the keeper has the ability to control the dog by voice command and the dog must respond immediately to that command. Further, the dog must remain within sight of the keeper. Even in designated voice and sight control areas in Los Alamos, the dog must be on a leash unless it meets the requirements of voice and sight control.”

A single individual many not have more than two dogs under voice and site control at a time.

A map of designated voice and sight control areas can be found on the Los Alamos County Police Department website, under animal control links and documents.

Below is a link: