Six Aspiring Art Students From Moving Arts Espanola Accepted To New Mexico School For The Arts

1Jose Peixinho

5Magdalena Samora-McNeill

2Joycelyn Shroulote

3Omar Lutz

4Elijah Valdez

6Max Garcia


During this time of uncertainty and isolation Moving Arts Espanola has seen a ray of light shine through. Artistic Director, Roger Montoya said, “A new crop of young people who have discovered their passion and purpose, trained at Moving Arts Espanola, have prepared for and met the rigorous standard of excellence of the audition process and have been accepted to the prestigious New Mexico School for the Arts.”

Throughout Moving Arts Espanola’s 12 years in service to the community, they have had a consistent flow of more than 40 students accepted to the New Mexico School for the Arts. Moving Arts founders, Roger Montoya and Salvador Ruiz would like to take the opportunity to thank the founders and staff at New Mexico School for the Arts for their partnership in helping students rise and achieve their dreams.

This year six Moving Arts students were accepted to the program, Max Garcia, Jose Peixinho, Magdalena Samora McNeill, Omar Lutz, Elijah Valdez, and Joycelyn Shroulote.

One of the students accepted to the New Mexico School for the Arts, Max Garcia, has been a Moving Arts student for about nine years. He is extremely excited to have been accepted and particularly enjoys acting, screen stage, voice, and many more art forms. To younger students at Moving Arts Max says, “Keep working hard and keep practicing. Never give up. Honestly, that is how I made it to where I am.” Max also thanked his friends, teachers and Moving Arts Staff for their support and help in fine tuning his skills. Omar Lutz said, “MAE started this path for me and got me where I am, so shout out to all my teachers at MAE.”

Another student, Jose Peixinho felt fairly confident going into the application process and said it felt good to be accepted to the New Mexico School for the Arts. He reminds students at Moving Arts to do what they enjoy and was grateful to staff at Moving Arts for helping build confidence. Jose is especially thankful to the staff at Moving Arts that helped him prepare for his audition.

Joycelyn Shroulote talked about the Moving Arts staff and praised the teachers she works with as inspirations who are there to listen and help students keep open creative minds. She continued to show gratitude toward her teachers by saying that they find things that students enjoy and show interest with them. “They are amazing teachers who support their students in whatever their hearts desire,” said Joycelyn.

Magdalena Samora McNeill, said of the experience, “When I received the news I was very ecstatic and excited in general. My whole family was informed almost immediately and we were all extremely happy.” She feels that the staff at Moving Arts Espanola have had a major role in the process of her being accepted to the New Mexico School for the Arts. “I first found out about the school when I was seven years old from one of my theatre teachers and after I found about the New Mexico School for the Arts, I made it my goal to get in,” she said.

Elijah Valdez, a Moving Arts student who has been most interested in drawing and creating intricate, detailed illustrations said when he received news of his acceptance, “I just held my moms phone turned down and then I flipped her phone over and jumped up and down as I read the first three words of the email, ‘congratulations, we’re excited…’ and then I ran all over my moms house filled with surprise and joy, with a mixture of all sorts of feelings. It is so surreal when news like that ends up being in your favor.” Roger has been a positive influence for him and has helped Elijah in creating a path of opportunities. Elijah expressed the importance of creating basic and essential things like a portfolio. He said, “No matter your situations, your struggles or your problems, if you love what you are doing in your life more than anything, then just push forward and do not use anything as an excuse to fall short of your dreams. It may be hard, but it is possible to reach your goals and make your dreams come true if you are willing to put in the time, effort, and passion.”

Moving Arts is proud of each and every one of their students. Seeing students that go through Moving Arts Espanola succeed and take another step toward their goals is the greatest joy of the organization.