There Is Opportunity In The World Of A Pandemic


Los Alamos County Councilor

Today, Christians around the world are observing Good Friday.

However, unlike previous times, this Good Friday and Easter will for many be spent alone or with family, and not in a church or gathering.

Days like today show us how much our world has changed in a small amount of time. It’s seems that almost overnight, the world we knew was paused until the COVID-19 crisis passed us by. However, there is opportunity in the world of a pandemic.

Every day, I am seeing more and more people getting outside and enjoying the wonderful nature we have at our disposal (while still maintaining a healthy social distance). Our local teen center has moved online so our teens can continue to interact while the center is closed. Finally, Zoom and other online platforms are helping families, friends, workout partners, book clubs and many others stay connected.

Now is a perfect time to accomplish those projects you might have put on hold, learn a new skill, or establish a new habit.

For me, I cleaned my yard, planted some early vegetables, started riding a bike again, and forcing myself to do dishes more regularly. All things I hope to continue to do after the pandemic passes.

I know this time is hard, especially for those who are out of work, but we here in Los Alamos understand the need to listen to the experts and follow their advice.

COVID-19 is not the first crisis Los Alamos has faced. We are inching closer to the 20th anniversary of the Cerro Grande Fire, and the 9th anniversary of the Las Conchas Fire. Both fires tested our community in ways we never thought possible, but we learned from one and were better prepared for the other.

COVID-19 will not be this world’s last pandemic. Like the Cerro Grande Fire, we as a community will come together and be better prepared for the next virus that comes our way.

So, on this day of remembrance, I hope we all take some time to remember what truly makes us happy and whole. We will get through this, and we will be stronger for it.

If you are looking for ways to help or need help yourself, please seek out the various Facebook pages or visit All Together Los Alamos website at

Take care everyone, and as always, remember to wash your hands.