LAPS Reports On Transition To Increased Learning From Home

Sophia Jones

Los Alamos Public Schools student Sophia Jones holds a poster celebrating her first day in e-school. Her mom, LAPS teacher Rebecca Jones, said, ‘As a mom and a teacher, there were a lot of unknowns going into this new normal of schooling at home/working from home. But I want to say how grateful I am for all of the resources, support and caring attitudes we’ve experienced from LAPS’. Photo Courtesy LAPS


After week one of e-learning, LAPS Supt. Kurt Steinhaus said, “I am pleased to report that we had outstanding attendance during at-home classes this week. Some teachers recorded 100% student participation.”

Last week’s activities included reaching out to every student, offering social emotional learning supports and expanding teacher training.

This week, while following the stay-at-home order, teachers implemented strategies for e-teaching, and it is working. We call it innovative LA learning. In one week, there have been 293 Google Meet sessions of 20 minutes or longer, with 3,373 attendees. The average meeting time was about 40 minutes in a virtual environment that is safe and secure.

Was it perfect? Steinhaus said, “No, there are many issues to resolve. We are working with families individually to meet their needs. Educational resources and materials are being distributed in a variety of ways including electronically, via USPS and through a drop-off system.” Students who need assistance are encouraged to contact their teacher, counselor or school Principal.

Steinhaus followed by saying:

“This outstanding success deserves thanks and appreciation to many people. Thank you LAPS teachers, school counselors, principals and staff for rising to the occasion and finding a way to make it work for our students. We are continuing to emphasize connection before content and recognizing that students are very excited to see one another on-line. This is developmentally important. Providing a chance to interact with one another is as necessary as direct instruction. I am so inspired by the remarkable work of LAPS staff.

“Thank you parents for working to keep your children engaged in learning, establishing a daily student schedule, and for supporting our teachers. Parents know their child’s home situation best. We are providing flexibility to choose things that work best for the family.

“Thank you Los Alamos homeowners and businesses for voting “yes” three years ago to approve the HB33 referendum. HB33 generated enough funds to provide Chromebooks for LAPS students. This week, we checked out about 500 additional devices to families with children in grades K-6.

Thank you LAPS Foundation for implementing the Superintendent’s Project Challenge. We have already received some very creative student submissions. Please encourage your children to participate! Click here for more information.

Thank you to our partners like the Los Alamos Teen Center, JJAB Resource Specialists, and the Pajarito Environmental Education Center.”