Closure Of Small Businesses Deemed Non-Essential

Candidate for District 43 State Representative
While I agree with some of Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham’s decisions regarding COVID-19,  I do not agree with her decision to close our small businesses which she deems non-essential.
Small businesses are arguably better at enforcing and complying with social distancing guidelines, and their closure drives people to the larger stores like Walmart and Lowes for the same products.  This makes social distancing even more difficult at the larger stores, and in some areas creates long lines to enter, especially since the 20% occupancy rule went into effect.  More people crowded into less space and waiting in longer lines will not help us with social distancing.
Many of our small businesses will not come back from this loss of income, and the ones that do will be heavily subsidized with taxpayer money in order to do so.  Meanwhile, most of their employees have filed for unemployment, placing more strain on our social services as well as our state budget.  The strain in not only felt on social services, but on family and friends, as we see a rise in domestic violence, substance abuse and suicide.
For people who protect their homes and families with guns, the closure of gun stores as non-essential at the same time that criminals are receiving early release from prison, is especially difficult to reconcile.
If you agree that Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham should re-open many of the small businesses which she has deemed non-essential, please call her today at (505) 476-2200 and email her at