Joe Stanek says he’s just an average fellow that loves and works on the hill. ‘I thought I’d attempt to share some words, a poem, that came to me last night amidst the tragedy that we are experiencing,” he said. Courtesy image

Los Alamos
My breath is but a candle light​
the in and the out ​
of the light and the darkness​
Yet taken for granted​
for measure by measure​
If the eye is the window​
then the lung is the house​
But in a house is a ceiling and a floor​
And if candles are people​
they are locked in their houses​
And many candles have gone out of them​
Houses with mantles and candles gone out​
While others grow dim​
Let the lighted breath continue to burn​
in remembrance of those no longer breathing​
And houses untouched ​
give honor​
to those touched​
And have empathy, compassion,​
and sorrow and tears​
And let the breath of our light continue to shine​
into the darkness for those​
flames now gone out​
My flame flickers​
by their breath now gone out​
and they whisper to us​
As our houses are shaking​
As our windows are wet​
From here till tomorrow​
We’ll not soon forget​
To do better​
To awaken​
To change​
To graduate​
And apply the lessons​
and to ask the questions​
And to wonder ​