Los Alamos Public Schools Update: April 4

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Los Alamos Public Schools

Dear LAPS Parents, Staff and Families,

This Update is a little different.  I begin with three important reminders followed by a graphics-filled attachment about our transition to increased learning from home.  This allows you to quickly skim and find useful or interesting information.  Hope you enjoy this new format. Any comments are welcomed – click here.  Reminders:

  • Let’s all follow the Governor’s Stay-at-home Order  please help get the word out to students that COVID-19 is serious business. We need to keep students at home and follow guidance from the CDC and Governor.  As good neighbors defined by Mr. Rogers, let’s “step up” and emphasize the importance of safety for everyone in the community.
  • Please remember to respond to the 2020 Census – according to Census.gov, the Census informs how hundreds of billions of dollars in public funds are allocated for public services and infrastructure like hospitals, emergency services, and schools.
  • LoIt’s not all about screens – social emotional learning is even more important during this shift to more learning time at home.  It can be easy to spend a lot of time with computers and phones.  As much as possible, we will provide students with tasks that get them up and moving and away from their devises.  We can accelerate a positive path forward by caring deeply for those around us.

Please join me in thanking our teachers and staff for using compassion, creativity and brain-power to meet the challenges brought on by COVID-19. I have encouraged our staff to take it one step at a time and cherish small successes. Our biggest goal right now is to strengthen connections with children and families.

Here is a link to the latest information: LAPS Update for April 4, 2020   Enjoy!

Best Personal Regards,