DNA Match Results In Arrest Warrant For White Rock Man



An arrest warrant has been issued in Los Alamos Magistrate for Kristoffer J. Chilcoat, 38, of White Rock on felony charges of burglary and aggravated assault in connection with a June 2019 incident involving a neighbor’s home.

According to Court documents, Los Alamos Police Cpl. Brent Hudspeth responded to a home on Aster Street in White Rock where the alleged victim reported finding someone in her home. Hudspeth’s report indicates the victim heard a noise downstairs while she was sleeping and upon going downstairs to investigate she noticed the front door was open. She told Hudspeth she heard noise in her laundry room and found a barefoot man with a beard standing there. The report states that she yelled at the man him to get out and that he left the home.

Hudspeth noticed a pair of slippers directly in front of the door of the home and asked the victim if she recognized them, which she didn’t.  The slippers were entered into evidence.

The victim reported that there had been similar incidents in the past and that she had spoken to LAPD Deputy Chief Jason Wardlow Herrera who instructed her to call officers. Hudspeth noticed an open gate at a neighbor’s home where he spoke to Chilcoat and asked him if he was missing the slippers. Hudspeth noted that Chilcoat had a beard and that he “appeared nervous”. Chilcoat reportedly denied the slippers were his.

LAPD Det. Matt Lyon followed up on the incident with the victim. His report indicates she told him the man had a power drill in his hands. In August, he spoke with Chilcoat’s wife who said she believed he owned an identical pair of slippers to those found at the victim’s home.

On Jan. 14 Lyon received results from a forensic science lab that matched the DNA on the slippers with that of Chilcoat.

Based on witness testimony, the DNA results, the testimony of fear from the victim and Chilcoat’s behavior and actions, Detective Lyon filed a criminal complaint and affidavit for an arrest warrant on the two charges in Magistrate Court.  Judge Pat Casados signed the arrest warrant April 2 and ordered that Chilcoat be held until seen by her. Court documents do not indicate Chilcoat has yet been arrested.