NMSP Not Making Traffic Stops To Verify The Public Or Their Travel Is Essential



The New Mexico State Police has been made aware of rumors going around the state that law enforcement is making traffic stops to determine if a person is an essential worker or if their travel is essential.

This is FALSE.  The New Mexico State Police is not making traffic stops to ensure the public or their travel is considered essential.   New Mexicans can leave their house while following the guidelines of the Emergency Public Health Order.   The order prohibits mass gatherings and says that groups can be no larger than five people and you must maintain a six foot distance between others.

“Our goal as a law enforcement agency is to protect those communities and the state in which we live.  We are in this together and keeping everyone healthy is all our responsibility.” Said Tim Johnson, Chief of the New Mexico State Police.  “I have mandated from the very beginning that my officers first educate the public about the importance of us all following the health order before taking any enforcement action.  We will continue to perform this difficult task with professionalism, compassion and diligence.”

For non-health-related questions or concerns you may call 833-551-0518 or visit https://www.newmexico.gov/ which is being updated as a one-stop source for information.

For an updated list of frequently asked law enforcement questions please visit https://www.dps.nm.gov/index.php/news-releases/item/582-covid19-public-health-order-frequently-asked-law-enforcement-questions

If you wish to report non-compliance within a business, a violation of the mass gatherings ban, or other violations of the public order, you may report them to NMSP.COVID19@state.nm.us or contact your local police or sheriff’s department on their non-emergency phonelines. When submitting a non-compliance complaint, please provide the following: date and time of observed violation, city, county, business name and business address.