Los Alamos County Announces Changes To Council Meetings Because Of COVID-19



The Los Alamos County Council meeting scheduled in Council Chambers on Tuesday, March 31 at 6:00 p.m. will be using a format that complies with the recent New Mexico Department of Health’s public health emergency order governing mass gatherings because of COVID-19.

 Public in-person attendance Tuesday evening will not be allowed. Minimal County staff will be in attendance to present items and most Councilors will be participating by phone. The agenda has been streamlined to focus on time-sensitive matters. Members of the public interested in watching the meeting can view the agenda and live-stream the meeting from home using this link and accessing the meeting for March 31:


 The meeting will also be broadcast live on cable television on PAC-8, the local community station.

 The County encourages public comment via e-mail at lacmanager@lacnm.us. Citizens are asked to type PUBLIC COMMENT in the subject line of the e-mail. Within the body of the e-mail, individuals should include a name, address, whether the comment pertains to a specific item on the agenda, and the comment. Public comments about items will be accepted prior to the meeting, to be read into the meeting at the appropriate time. In addition, the e-mail address will be monitored during the meeting for comments to be received during the live proceedings and read into the record when the Chair calls for public comment.