Don’t Forget Who We Are – The Hill Stompers, The Hill, Los Alamos

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It is only the first day but things seem so different already. The town seems sleepy. Even the air seems to be less energetic. It is still, calm.

The fog even seemed to loom over the town longer than usual. All the stores closed, dark, lifeless. The schools, all empty. This town, this state, this world. We are left in wonder, shock, questions. What if? It weighs on us all.

We need to remember what we are. What we all manage to do when we pull together. How wonderful things that happen, happen from the start of a kind gesture, a smile, or something that makes someone else feel better than when they woke up.

We don’t need to fear in my opinion, just act. Act in kindness. It’s the oldest recipe on record for success. If you can help, do so. Our town prides itself on keeping it local. Look to your left, look to your right. If you can help those people do so. If you need help reach out.

There is still a positive buzz in all this turmoil. You see the stories of people helping others. Making sure our elderly can get to the store, the doctor, have clean clothes. Food deliveries, take out services and gift cards being purchased for someone who needs it. Food donations.

Our town does best when we all ban together and make an impact, impossible to achieve without the support of one another. Don’t forget who we are. The Hill Stompers, The Hill, Los Alamos.

We have the ability, as a group to help our community. After all, we all live here. Let’s be bigger people. Be generous. Be kind. It’ll come back to you later in life.

I just think we need to stick together as a community full of people who are arguably some of the best problem solvers in all the lands.

We might be amazed at what we can accomplish in the shadow of fear and wonder, together.

Amanda Awesome
Los Alamos