The Governor Is Punishing Small Businesses

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Small businesses throughout this state have had to adapt and improvise to deal with the threat that COVID-19 brings. At each new set of requirements issued by the governor, they have changed their models and have overcome hurdles to try to remain in business and contribute to the community. The more restrictive announcement today is likely the correct thing to do. Doing it without protections in place for our small businesses is the WRONG thing to do.

Some businesses don’t know if they will make it through this time of “social distancing”. Why is the state government putting severe restrictions in place on people without ensuring the small business owners can stay in business after this? A “low interest loan” is a garbage tactic and shows that money is more important than people that have put their entire life in to a business. Offer zero interest loans to any small business that needs it, and be flexible on the repayment. Defer all rent, mortgage, and other payments to ensure that the people are protected and can feel safe that they won’t lose their home and/or business. Now is the time to revise the absurdly bloated budget to help stabilize these small businesses and ensure New Mexicans and our economy can weather this storm with some confidence.

A “stay at home” order without any backing of our economy is a death sentence for the small businesses of New Mexico.

Aaron Walker
White Rock