Time To Pause Operations At Los Alamos National Laboratory

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The time has come for Los Alamos National Laboratory to pause operations and send the employees home.  It’s beginning to look like management is more interested in performance bonuses than in the well-being of the workforce – community – state  – country.

The rest of New Mexico is enduring the economic hardship that results from efforts to slow the spread of the new coronavirus.  LANL can afford a break in operations better than any of the private businesses in the State.  LANL will receive their funds if they work or not.  With the Federal government look at a trillion dollar economic boost there is no way that will cut funds to LANL for wisely pausing operations.

I know there are scientists at LANL that have modeled the spread of pandemics.  Check out the results.  It takes 2 weeks for a new infection to show up.  During that time dozens may be exposed.  LANL employees commute from many communities that have identified cases of COVID-19 and LANL employees travel frequently.

STOP THE MADNESS – send the employees home.

White Rock