Labyrinth Is Still Open To The Public At Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran Church

20171103_141709The baptismal font at Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran Church. Courtesy photo

LabrynthThe seating area at the Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran Church Labyrinth. Courtesy photo


A place for spiritual growth and healing and our gift to the Los Alamos community, the Labyrinth at Bethlehem is available to walk any time of the day or night by anyone who wishes to use it. A labyrinth is a prayer path that quiets the mind and grounds the body. We suggest that you come with an open heart to slowly walk its twists and turns. Pray what is on your heart as you go in, perhaps sitting on a bench to contemplate, or pausing to pray at the center. Then turn around and walk slowly out, listening for the responses to your prayers as you slowly return to the world.

The labyrinth is set in a grove of ponderosa pine trees that sustained some burn damage in the 2000 Cerro Grande fire, but they have survived and are a reminder that we are resilient, too. This is a natural space where deer are often resting. If personal issues arise because of the walking of the labyrinth, you are welcome to call the church office at 662-5151 and ask for a quiet conversation of hope. Access to the labyrinth is via a walkway located at the southeast corner of our main parking lot.

Visitors are also invited to find peace sitting by the quietly flowing waters of our baptismal font, during the hours that the Church Office is open (currently 10 am – 2 pm). The font is next to a stained glass mural of a mountain stream, just to the right as you enter through the Tower Entrance doors at street level. We ask that you limit group visits to 2-3 people, keep these areas clean, and do not adjust seating which is placed in “safe spacing” configuration. Bethlehem Lutheran is located at 2390 North Road, just north of Mountain Elementary School.