Atomic City Transit Answers Questions From Public About Dial-A-Ride Services During Suspension Of Fixed Routes

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Atomic City Transit would like to provide some answers to the public about frequently asked questions regarding the Dial-a-Ride service currently in operation, while fixed-route services are suspended:

Can anyone use the Dial-a-Ride service?

Yes. This service is currently available to the public.

Do you provide service to White Rock? 

Yes. We are currently providing Dial-a-Ride service to the entire County of Los Alamos.

Do I have to have a medical reason to use the service?

No. Service is available for anyone needing transportation within Los Alamos County.

To utilize the Atomic City Transit Dial-a-Ride service, call 661-RIDE to make a reservation.

ACT staff will be posting information about the temporary service changes at all bus stops as soon as staff is able. The ACT phone number, as well as the MyStop app information and the ACT website – – are all currently posted at every bus stop.