Medical Associates Of Northern New Mexico Issues Community Update


Medical Associates of Northern New Mexico

As of now, our offices continue to be open to provide care for those who need it. People still have injuries, infections, uncontrolled blood pressures and blood sugars that need attention now and cannot be put off for months.

Our virus preparedness team has been working really hard to help protect our community.

  • We will now be completely isolating our well from the sick with different suites for respiratory illness vs other issues
  • We will have doctors seeing patients specifically for respiratory illnesses vs regular patients to limit exposure
  • We ask again that concerned patients either call our special line at 505-257-8322 or the NMDOH hotline 1-855-600-3453 prior to coming to our office. We have come out to the car to test patients if needed
  • Please remember our special line is for TRIAGING purposes only. This is a number to call if you plan to come to our office, but are unsure. We can then ask you to wait in your car or the atrium areas and room you appropriately to protect our well patients. We will not be answering it during non-office hours.
  • We suspect the barriers to testing will soon be less in the upcoming days
  • We will soon be also adding tele-health to our services. Our cameras are on their way

We thank our amazing nurses , medical assistants and staff who are willingly coming in to work everyday to help keep the community safe.

Let us all work together and be socially responsible.

We will keep updating you. Thank you for trusting MANNM!