Rep. Christine Chandler Launches Re-Election Campaign

IMG_7561 (1)Rep. Christine Chandler/Photo by Maire O’Neill/

Representative Chandler will continue her work to ensure that New Mexico is a state of opportunity for all


Today, Rep. Christine Chandler (D) announced her campaign for re-election to the New Mexico House of Representatives.  “In my first term, I’ve been able to make significant contributions to the recovery of New Mexico from the economic stagnation and governmental decay of the last eight years,” said Representative Chandler. “With initiatives to diversify our economy and rebuild state government, we have started to turn New Mexico around. I ask the people of District 43 to allow me to continue to build on those achievements and ensure that New Mexico is a state with opportunity for all.” 

In her first term, Representative Chandler sponsored and co-sponsored successful legislation to provide tax relief for working families, increase financial transparency in political lobbying, spur collaboration between the national laboratories New Mexico, and expedite public access to the terms of state settlements.  She sponsored but was not able to pass paid family and medical leave legislation and will continue to champion that effort.

Here are some of the pieces of legislation sponsored and passed by Representative Chandler in this term:

Disclosure Requirements for Private Colleges requires private colleges to provide accurate cost, completion, and post-graduation salary numbers to prospective students in order to curb misleading recruitment practices that burden students with unfair debt. 

  • The Work and Save Act offers small businesses an easily accessible state-run platform through which they can offer retirement savings plans to their employees, thereby making retirement saving available to thousands of New Mexicans who do not have this option now.
  • Technology Readiness Fund creates a $4.5 million transfer of gross receipts tax revenue through tax credits for the state’s two national laboratories to create a fund that supports national laboratory collaboration with technology start-ups.
  • Public Project Prevailing Wage Complaints provides a process for employees to pursue wage theft claims and allows for treble damage recovery against their contractor-employer.

Representative Chandler is a member of the House Judiciary and House Taxation and Revenue Committees. She is an attorney and is retired from a career at the Los Alamos National Laboratory. Chandler represents House District 43 (Los Alamos, Rio Arriba, Sandoval & Santa Fe counties).

With strong volunteer support, Representative Chandler won a decisive victory in 2018 for the then-open House seat. She had been endorsed by Emily’s List, National Education Association, American Federation of Teachers, Sierra Club, and the National Conservation Voters of New Mexico, among others, and has received an early endorsement from Emily’s list for her work on women’s productive health.

This year Representative Chandler was named an Animal Protection Champion by Animal Protection Voters for her work against animal cruelty.