Atomic City Transit Data Feed Is Live On Google Maps



Atomic City Transit is happy to inform the public that transit data feed is now live on Google Maps. 

Realtime Transit feed will enhance users’ experience; for example, riders get:

  • Up-to-date arrival and departure time info: Allows users to plan their trips even more efficiently. 
  • Advance notification of service delays: Helps to reduce inconvenience to transit users. 
  • Smoother transit experiences: Helps to encourage repeat users, improving potential for increased ridership.

“Our new transit data feed will provide enhanced real-time information options with the addition of the mobile app feature for riders and the utilization of GTFSR format that will update our data more frequently than standard GTFS feeds,” said Annette Granillo, Transit Manager. “In addition, Google Transit will allow us to better analyze schedule data, view route trends, access real-time data, and develop reports to improve operation efficiencies to enhance the passenger experience.”

Here is the reference itinerary link:

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