New Era Begins For Mar. 1 For Christian Scientists In Los Alamos

WACThe former Christian Science Society building at 1725 17th Street. Photo by Maire O’Neill/


A new era for Christian Scientists in Los Alamos County begins on March 1st when they re-locate from the former WAC dormitory to new premises. 

This Wednesday’s testimony meeting (7:30-8:00 p.m.) and this Sunday’s Bible Lesson-Sermon on Mind (Feb. 23, 10-11 a.m.) will be the last services conducted at 1725 17th Street after more than 60 years at that location.

The Christian Science Society has held Sunday and Wednesday services in Los Alamos since the Secret City’s early days.  To provide space for their services and reading room, in the 1950s the Society leased and later purchased the building used during the Manhattan Project as the WAC dormitory. It is one of the few original structures remaining from Manhattan Project days. In September of last year, the Society sold the building to Los Alamos County.

In December the Society purchased Uli’s space at 800 Trinity Drive. Until remodeling of their new church home is finished, local Christian Scientists will continue to conduct regular Sunday services and Wednesday meetings in the Throne Room at Fuller Lodge. 

Everyone is welcome to attend. For more information, call Mary Langworthy at (636) 399-1597 or visit their web site at